Festival Photo des Collègiens du Morbihan


@ Michel Bouvet

Addressing diversity(ies) means questioning the plurality of our ecological, sociological and cultural environments. The richness of life is revealed in the differences that exist between species and individuals. The 9th Morbihan School Photo Festival, which is aimed at secondary school pupils, is an opportunity for teenagers in Morbihan to consider the notion of ‘diversity(ies)’. 

How do young people see this concept, in terms of ecological diversity or the diversity of people that make up our society? What action can we take to preserve such diversity? And how can we assert it through an artistic – especially photographic – approach? The notion of diversity, of course, implies the question of synergies and the need for plural life forms co-existing in a biosphere brimming with possibilities.

Spurred on by the success of previous years, the La Gacilly Photo Festival and the Morbihan Departmental Council, in partnership with the French Ministry of Education, are inviting local secondary schools to take part in this educational project based on an exploration of photography for the 9th year running.

A year-long educational project 350 students from 16 public and private secondary schools in the area have spent time working on an exhibition on the theme of ‘Diversity(ies)’ throughout the academic year. The pupils are supported by their teachers and a photographer-mentor as they discover photography: from initiation to artistic reflection, from the photo shoot and editing process to the final printing of their images, this project allows them to explore the many facets of professional photography while expanding their vision and knowledge of this art. The resulting exhibition is an integral part of the festival’s programme and showcases all the work accomplished by the pupils throughout the year.

Supported by and in collaboration with Morbihan Departmental Council.

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