TURNLEY, RICHÈ, LENCI and KÖBERL: a celebration of photography!

Lucas Lenci ©Lois Lammerhuber

Artist talks with David Turnley, Maxime Riché, Lucas Lenci and Christian Köberl, who built a scientific bridge to the universe with his talk about Sacha Goldbergers Alien Love exhibition! Simply great! THANK YOU, MERCI, OBRIGADO, DANKESCHÖN!

David Turnley, Maxime Riché, Lucas Lenci and Christian Köberl came to Baden for 24 hours at the invitation of the festival and the Lower Austrian Guild of Photographers. Thank you Christian Schörg for the wonderful collaboration.

The series of lectures began at 9 a.m. at Brusatti Platz in the exhibition by David Turnley, who was awarded the Pulitzer Prize, the most prestigious prize in the world of journalism, in 1990. It was a meeting with a living, extremely charming photography legend who impressed us with anecdotes from the world of political reporting.

After a short break with coffee and a piece of festival cake at Manfred Schneider’s Backhaus Annamühle, we listened to Maxime Riché’s report on Paradise, a small town in California that was destroyed twice by bush fires: It is 8 November 2018 in Butte County, California, USA. The Camp Fire, the deadliest fire in the history of this American state, destroyed more than 620 square kilometres of forest and 13,500 homes in 18 days. The town of Paradise, which lies in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, was completely devastated by the flames. Of the 26,000 inhabitants, 85 people were killed and 4 are missing. Three years later, on 13 July 2021, the massive Dixie fire raged in the same community. By the end of September, when the fire was finally extinguished, it had caused the destruction of 1,300 homes, the death of one firefighter and more than a billion dollars in property damage.

Lunch at Jenni’s at Doblhoff-Teich. Then Lucas Lenci, who sees photography as a complex system of relationships and makes it the core theme of his work. His projects aim to expose the essence of photography and reveal a place of experimentation beyond the illusory appearance of images.

Finally, Christian Köberl spoke about the not entirely impossible but highly improbable possibility of ever coming into contact with aliens, in the context of Sacha Goldbergers work Alien Love.

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