The Student’s Festival

Das Fotofestival der Schulen in Niederösterreich

© NMS Burgplatz Wr. Neustadt, Begabtenförderung Fotografie, Schuljahr 2017-2018

Today’s schoolchildren will shape the society of tomorrow. In our fast-moving and transitory times it is difficult to predict exactly which know-how and skills they will need to cope with the challenges of the future. Amongst many others, two soft skills will also be of utmost importance in future: creativity and internationality.

It is those two areas, in particular, which will be fostered by this project. Working on a concrete subject and expressing their ideas through photography does not just demand of the schoolchildren an in-depth study of the subject, but also the creative photographic realization in times where photography has been greatly devalued due to the technical means available. This project might help to promote photography as an art form, affording it its rightful position again.

Moreover, this project will form a link with a totally different region in Europe. The schoolchildren from Baden are concerning themselves with the same questions as their counterparts in the French region of Brittany who are also

trying to convey the answers through photography. Such a connection could be the beginning of international relationships, fostering tolerance and mutual understanding, promoting the European understanding and a peaceful coexistence within Europe. The personal development of our young people will be enhanced by thinking outside the box and broadening their horizons.

Therefore, I hope that all participants will enjoy realizing this project, the new experiences in the area of creative photography as well as constructive insights as they are learning about other traditions and nations.

The students worked on creating this exhibition with the support of their teachers and their photography mentors: Hubert Hochwarter / Christian Schörg, Lois Lammerhuber; Marianne Plaimer / Imre Antal; Brigitte Sperl / Gerald Macher; Hannelore Schreiner / Christian Schörg; Ingrid Mühlbachler / Alois Spandl; Claudia Spirk / Imre Antal; Petra Kienberger / Gerald Macher; Doris Heinz-Weichart / Gustav Morgenbesser

Johann Heuras, Education Director, Lower Austria

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