Niederösterreichische Berufsfotografen

100 Years Lower Austria

© Michel Bouvet

“The La Gacilly-Baden Photo Festival is a very special opportunity for the professional photographers of Lower Austria to test their photographic skills anew every year by trying to measure themselves against the works of the international photographers invited at the festival,” says Innungsmeister (guild master) Christian Schörg, summing up the fifth year of cooperation with the festival. “To present our own country photographically on the occasion of 100 years of Lower Austria is a great challenge. To clothe the beauty of the landscapes and people in extraordinary moments and to discover things never seen before – that was our goal. To form feelings into views that enchant, into pictures that invite the viewer to pause, into pictures that inspire one to discuss and enjoy, into pictures that show and reflect the creative joy of the photographers full of creativity. Photographs as a non-verbal visual offer that everyone understands”. 

For the festival, the curators edited the works of the following photographers:

Christian Beham, Andreas Biedermann, Rene Binder, Mia Bodenstein, Pamela Draxler, Christian Handl, Franz Haslinger, Nino Jonas, Sonja Jordan, Peter Kufner, Michael Liebert, Andreas Müllner, Andreas Musil, Valerie Oberreiter, Mariana Perrone, Reinhard Podolsky, Christian Schörg, Martin Winkler, Anselm F. Wunderer


The 6 winners of the Federal Young Talent Competition 2021 will be shown: Apprentice photographers and young photographers (students or graduates of the „Graphische“ or Ortweinschule – Department for Photography and Audiovisual Media or College for Photography – and photographers who have completed their journeyman‘s examination) up to the class of 1994.

Category Apprentices 
1. Lisa Yvonne Bruck
2. Emely Kaya Fercher
3. Claudia Bachinger

Category Young Photographers 
1. Celine Waldner
2. Gregor Schörg
3. Joachim Mörth

Printed and supported by Landesinnung der Berufsfotografen Niederösterreich and Color Drak.

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