Cinema Paradiso – Nordwärts!

Film series: DUE NORTH

© Michel Bouvet

Cinema Paradiso, together with Festival La Gacilly-Baden Photo, presents a unique selection of films from Scandinavia. Immerse yourself in the visually powerful and euphoric world of the North. Tickets and infos at

The Worst Person in the World (Norway) | 12.6.22, 12:00 (OmU*) Joachim Trier, the leading director from Norway, presents a portrait of a young woman in Oslo on the threshold of the fourth decade of her life in his frenetically acclaimed film. 

THE NORTHMAN (USA) | 15.6.22, 21:00 (OmU) Robert Eggers brilliantly adapts the Norse Amleth saga, on which Shakespeare’s Hamlet was based. 

COP SECRET (Iceland) | 24.6.22, 20:45 (OmU) Like “The Naked Gun” in Icelandic! Bússi and Hörður are the coolest supercops in Reykjavik: they are super fast, super strong and above all super manly – at least if you ask them. 

Another Round (Denmark) | 3.7.22, 10:30 (OmU) With his three friends, Martin (Mads Mikkelsen) starts an experiment: According to a Norwegian philosopher, people benefit from having 0.5 per mille of alcohol in their blood. Is alcohol a solution after all? 

WIE IM HIMMEL (Sweden) | 31.7.22, 12:00 (German) A village. One choir. One hit. “As in Heaven” is a multi-voiced masterpiece – a homage to Swedish small-town life.

Compartment Number 6 (Finland) | 15.8.22, 12:00 (OmU) A lovingly raw, melancholic road movie on rails. Finnish director Juho Kuosmanen stages an atmospheric and amusing journey through Russia in the late 1990s.

BORDER (Sweden, Denmark) | 19.8.22, 21:45 (OmU) Cinema that blasts everything conventional with ease and turns it on its head. An exciting, intelligent mix of romance, Nordic noir and fantasy.

NINJABABY (Norway) | 1.9.22, 20:15 (Preview, OmU) 23 years old, a student and no real direction in life. Rakel’s life is going a bit wrong. The tip of the iceberg is when she suddenly finds out that she is pregnant.

INTO THE ICE (Denmark) | 26.9.22, 19:00 (Opening Climate and Environmental Film Days, OmU) In one of the wildest and most extreme landscapes on earth, ice explorers risk their lives to understand climate change. Followed by a panel discussion.

Woman at War (Iceland) | 1.10.22, 10:30, (OmU) Eco-thriller, adventure film, comedy and fairy tale. A special audience favourite from Iceland about a heroine of a different kind.

*OmU = Original version with subtitles

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