The Island of Dragonflies

© Pauline Ballet

On The Island of Dragonflies, Man is both everywhere and nowhere. This series of silent landscapes plunges us into a world hit by economic crises, violence and natural disasters. In these images where there is no sky, nature reclaims its rightful place and humankind is no more, its final traces gradually disappearing beneath the vegetation to create a strange atmosphere, where human presence still feels inordinate in such wild territories. 

There is a sense of both mindfulness and menace in these images, which depict the consequences of a world shaped by humankind, where time seems to have stood still while waiting for Man to return. Sensitive to ecological issues, Julien Mauve reflects upon our perpetual quest to conquer new territories and exploit our environment. The photographer is accustomed to fiction and the imagery he presents here is both poetic and post-apocalyptic. What if humanity fails in the face of today’s environmental emergency?

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