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Film showing Erde and Mountain: Every Saturday and Sunday in September

The Festival La Gacilly-Baden Photo proudly presents two fantastic documentaries in cooperation with ‘Kino Baden’ at Hotel Herzoghof.

Nikolaus Geyrhalters film ERDE goes to show that there is not a single natural force which changes the surface of our planet as much as the powerful technical tools which humankind has at its disposal. Several billion tonnes of soil are shifted every year by human beings – with diggers, drills or dynamite. Nikolaus Geyrhalter travels to mines and quarries, major building sites and coal-mining areas to watch how humans try to subdue our planet in their constant endeavour to extract and own its natural resources. It is an account of the fundamental and irrevocable changes humans – as the most important influencial factor – exert on the planet which is their home.


September 1 at 17:00 hrs ERDE
September 7 at 18:00 hrs ERDE
September 8 at 19:30 hrs ERDE
September 15 at 17:00 hrs ERDE
September 21 at 18:00 hrs ERDE
September 29 at 17:00 hrs ERDE

© Nikolaus Geyrhalter








This documentary about the highest mountains in the world is the impressive result of the cinematic and musical collaboration of the acclaimed director Jennifer Peedom and the prestigious Australian Chamber Orchestra. Humans have been fascinated by mountains since time immemorial; be it rugged cliffs or snow-covered summits. The mountain ranges exude an air of power and eternity. The documentary takes the viewer to mountains around the globe where humans either worship the stone giants – or exploit them ruthlessly for tourist purposes.


August 31 at 18:00 hrs MOUNTAIN
September 8 at 17:00 hrs MOUNTAIN
September 14 at 18:00 hrs MOUNTAIN
September 22 at17:00 hrs MOUNTAIN
September 28 at 18:00 hrs MOUNTAIN

KINO BADEN at Hotel Herzoghof. Film. German. Admission €9.50.
Visitors of the Festival will get two tickets for the price of one cinema ticket of €9.50.

© Jennifer Peedom

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