Das Fotofestival der Schulen Niederösterreichs


@ Michel Bouvet

The theme of diversity(ies) was also the 2020 task for Lower Austria’s schools, but this creative challenge was overshadowed by the everyday situation of Covid-19 and the accompanying parameters set in public life, school and family. The young students were and are not only reflecting and taking on a rapidly changing world, but were forced into a degree of action far beyond what we all consider appropriate for their age. To produce collective artistic work within this tightened framework deserves applause from all of us. The fact that not all works could be realized as planned is due to the circumstances and very understandable. In this sense, THANK YOU and da capo 2022.

BG/BRG Baden, Frauengasse: Christian Schörg
BJHS Bilinguale MS Wiener Neustadt, Europaallee: Martin Wieland
NNÖMS Ebenfurth: Elke Bruckmüller
RG/AG Hollabrunn: Josef Henk
NMS Klosterneuburg: Heinz Zwazl
NMS Schwadorf: Thomas Blazina
NMS  St. Veit an der Gölsen: Hans Schindlecker
BRG Wiener Neustadt, Gröhrmühlgasse: Gustav Morgenbesser
NMS Stift Zwettl: Rosemarie Winkler

Supported by Amt der Niederösterreichischen Landesregierung, Abteilung Schulen und Kindergärten; Bildungsdirektion für Niederösterreich; Landesinnung der Berufsfotografen Niederösterreich.

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