Viennese professional photographers


© Renate Medwed

Vienna is world-famous for its cultural and artistic diversity, attracting millions of visitors every year who are wandering around the city with their eyes wide open and more often than not also open-mouthed. This would not be the case if it was not for this city’s special atmosphere in which creativity flourishes, bringing forth splendid offshoots again and again. The professional photographers’ scene, in particular, has evolved in a lively and dynamic fashion in the last few years, drawing international attention.

The Viennese professional photographers’ guild sees itself as a central information and service hub, supporting its members in every respect. Hence we are glad to proudly present the works of Viennese professional photographers at this exhibition. They do not only have their technical expertise in common, but above all they share the passionate view looking at the very essence of things and getting to the bottom of the human soul.

See for yourself the works of Regina Maria Anzenberger, Michael Appelt, Markus Bacher, Peter Berger, Michaela Bruckberger, Kati Bruder, Andras Bübl, Heribert Corn, Stephan Doleschal, Gottfried Frais, Rolf Friesz, Raphael Gabauer, Oliver Gast, Michaela Gritsch, Joachim Haslinger, Tina Herzl, Andreas J. Hirsch, Christian Hofer, Philipp Horak, Karolina Horner, Klemens Horvath, Peter Hruska, Lisa Kainzbauer, Rositsa Kamenova-Nedyalkova, Norbert Kniat, Simon Kupferschmied, Lisa-Maria Leutner, Stefan Liewehr, Alexander Magedler, Christopher Mavricˇ, Sigrid Mayer, Gerry Mayer-Rohrmoser, Renate Medwed, Michael Molzar, Georg Oberweger, Robert Pichler, Luiza Puiu, Erich Reismann, Mirjam Reither, Peter Rigaud, Sophie Salfinger, Moritz Schell, Bernhard Schramm, Christian Skalnik, Gerhard Sokol, Raffael Stiborek, Julia Stix, Suzy Stöckl, Katharina Stögmüller, Christina Maria Stowasser, Nina Strasser, Werner Streitfelder, Heinz Stephan Tesarek, Curt Themessl, Markus Thums, Sebastian Wahlhuetter, Julia Wesely, Sandro E. E. Zanzinger – and be inspired by this passion!

Ulrich Schnarr
Guild master of Viennese professional photographers

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