Gerald Mansberger und Markus Eisl | eoVision

The Human Footprint

Gerald Mansberger und Markus Eisl

With the ‘View from space‘, we want
to show what we have in our earth,
how beautiful and at the same time
vulnerable it is and also how we treat it.“

Markus Eisl und Gerald Mansberger

From the densely populated cities to the inhospitable deserts of the Sahara and the icy wastes of Antarctica, we humans have now left our mark, our footprint, almost everywhere, reshaping the Earth to widely varying degrees.

No technology is as suitable as satellite remote sensing when it comes to showing our impact on the environment. From an altitude of a few hundred kilometres, high-quality cameras today constantly capture images of Earth’s surface. From the hotspots of human activity such as pulsating megacities, from small towns and villages as well as from remote regions of Earth that have hardly been touched by humans, images with a resolution of up to 30 centimetres are continuously delivered. By comparing these images with older ones, the development of the human footprint can be recorded in detail.

In addition to the content of the satellite images, it is always the aesthetic impression that makes the images a unique combination of a document of time and visually impressive photographs. 

Founded in 2008 in Salzburg, Austria, eoVision has since the beginning been involved not only in the technical evaluation of satellite data, but also in the processing of aesthetically high-quality images with meaningful content in order to convey the beauty and vulnerability of Earth to a wider audience. In cooperation with satellite operators such as Maxar, Airbus and European Space Imaging, Markus Eisl and Gerald Mansberger have designed numerous exhibitions, non-fiction books, atlases and the illustrated book series “Human Footprint”, which deal with different sub-areas of this topic.

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