Niederösterreichische Berufsfotografen

World Heritage Lower Austria

© Michel Bouvet

„The La Gacilly-Baden Photo Festival is a very special opportunity for the professional photographers of Lower Austria to test their photographic skills anew every year by trying to measure themselves against the works of the international photographers at the festival,“ says photographer and Innungsmeister (guild master) Christian Schörg, summing up the cooperation with the festival since its founding.

„When our hometown of Baden was included in the World Heritage List as one of the 11 Great Spa Cities of Europe in 2021, it was clear that we wanted to dedicate ourselves to this topic within the framework of the Festival,“ adds Festival Director Lammerhuber.  

All the more so as Lower Austria has five World Heritage Sites, more than any other province:
the Wachau
the Semmering Railway
the Dürrenstein-Lassingtal Wilderness Area
the Danube Limes
and Baden bei Wien 

Reason enough to clothe the beauty of the landscapes and monuments in extraordinary moments, in pictures that inspire us, in pictures that show the creative joy of the photographers full of creativity.

For the festival, the curators have edited the works of the following photographers:
Mia Bodenstein, Martin Haider, Christian Handl, Marius Höfinger, Markus Hofstätter, Attila Molnar, Klaudia Ratzinger, Christian Schörg, Martin Skopal, Michaela Vondruska, Nimo Zimmerhackl

The exhibition was produced with the support and know-how of Landesinnung der Berufsfotografen Niederösterreich and Color Drak.

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