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Each year, the festival’s exhibitions offer us a window on the world through the eyes of photographers, showing us geographical areas and cultures outside our familiar surroundings. They display a variety of photographic styles and artists. They also draw our attention to environmental and social issues that we often don’t know enough about.

Openings are something photographers know well – it’s part of their specialist jargon as they think about shutter openings. The School Photography Festival invites hundreds of students from all over Lower Austria to discover and experiment with the practice of photography under the guidance of professional photographers.

Openings can also refer to windows, doors and frames that create the connection between our intimate, inner spaces and the outside world. Whether in a literal or figurative sense, the concept of an opening also encompasses travel, communication and journeys to new places or people. Ultimately, it raises questions about the construction of our individual and collective identities and our relationship to others.

This project, made possible by a partnership between the Lower Austrian provincial government and the festival association, brings together 16 public schools from all over the country each year to develop educational projects on the theme of photography.

For the school year 2022-2023, the students and their teachers will be accompanied by professional photographers and work on an exhibition on the theme of „Openings“. From the initial discussions about the topic to the taking of the pictures, the editing of the photos and the creation of the accompanying texts and captions, the pupils involved in the project will learn about the many facets of professional photography and develop a deeper understanding of this art.These works will be on display in Baden together with photographic works from 16 schools in Morbihan, France, in Brittany, reflecting the views on life of the young people of two countries.

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