Cinema Paradiso – Orient!

Film Series: Orient!

Cinema Paradiso, together with Festival La Gacilly-Baden Photo, presents a unique selection of films on the theme of ORIENT.
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THE BLUE CAFTAN (France, Morocco) | 11.6.23, 12:00 & 28.6.23, 18:15 Melancholic and heartfelt. Halim and Mina are married and run a shop for traditional caftans. They hide the fact that Halim is homosexual. But the situation threatens to tip over.

CAIRO CONSPIRACY (Sweden) | 25.6.23, 12:00 Breath-taking political thriller about power and authority. Adam receives a scholarship from Azhar University in Cairo. When the Grand Imam suddenly dies, a struggle for his succession begins. Adam gets caught in a vortex of betrayal and intrigue.

PERSEPOLIS (France) | 9.7.23, 12:00 Incredibly beautiful and light as a feather! Instead of submitting to the laws of the mullahs, the young Iranian Marjane listens to punk and Iron Maiden. Based on comic novels, the true life story of the young Iranian Marjane Satrapi is told.

HOLY SPIDER (Denmark) | 14.7.23, 21:45 (OmU*) Highly contemporary cinema! Ali Abbasi succeeds in making an explosive thriller about a journalist in Iran who wants to convict a prostitute killer. A courageous, angry film and a true story about the Iranian dictatorship.

BALLAD OF A WHITE COW (Iran) | 9.8.23, 18:00 With great intensity, the film sheds light on the moral quandaries of the Iranian justice system. After her husband’s execution, Mina learns that her husband was innocent. But she demands more than just material reparations.

THE PROVISIONAL DEATH OF BEES (Iran) | 12.8.23, 10:30 (OmU*) Award-winning short film by Iranian photographer and filmmaker Maryam Firuzi. Poetically, the film tells the story of an artist who has to let go of her past in order to be free. Film and talk with Maryam Firuzi.
Maryam Firuzi Exhibition 3 | Garden Route
Maryam Firuzi’s fundamentally innovative vision is clearly expressed in her photographic series as she explores her world, namely present-day Iran. A world in which the place of women is inevitably complex. She reflects on the notion of heritage, wearing veils and hair.
Meet Maryam Firuzi on 12. August 2023 at Cinema Paradiso.

TAXI (Iran) | 13.8.23, 12:40 After film director Jafar Panahi was banned from working, he drives a taxi. But he does not give up his vocation. He tells the stories of his passengers and thus creates a cross-section of Iranian society.

TEHERAN TABOO (Austria) | 25.8.23, 21:45 (OmU*) Ali Soozandeh succeeds in creating a stirring drama about four young people in Tehran whose fates collide in their desperate search for freedom and happiness. 

A HERO (France, Iran) | 6.9.23, 20:00 A powerful plea for the good in people and at the same time a shattering inventory of Iranian society. A pocket full of coins makes Rahim a hero. But the situation becomes increasingly complicated for him.

*OmU = Original version with subtitles

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