Chloé Azzopardi


© Chloe Azzopardi

Chloé Azzopardi is a French photographer who lives and works between Paris and the Catalan mountain range of Montserrat. She prefers long-term projects, taking a particular interest in mental health, ethology and the construction of an imaginary future, far from our present era. 

In this series, she composes a futuristic, metaphorical fable that questions the relationship between humans and animals. She looks for repetitions of shapes, colours and behaviours. 

In Western philosophy, we have long distinguished between species, nature and culture, to the point that we have separated ourselves from other living beings and forgotten the innate interconnectedness of nature. However, this thinking goes against the major scientific principles concerning the fragile balance of our environment and the truth about our origins: we are, for example, closer to the chimpanzee, with whom we share about 98% of our DNA, than the chimpanzee is to the gorilla. 

The photographer projects herself into the heart of the living world, showing empathy towards the various species it comprises. She abandons her position as an observer to immerse herself in the environment that surrounds her. 

In this imaginary ecosystem, new relationships between species can be explored, in a community that does not apply a prism of utility or servitude. This intimate fiction highlights the possibility of a(n) (r)evolution of our conception of life.

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