Das Fotofestival der Schulen in Morbihan


© Michel Bouvet

In Your Dreams may sound like a retort at first, like a youngster rebelling when we attempt to impose our way of doing things, our way of thinking and our vision of the world upon them. In this sense, it could be compared to the expression “OK boomer”, which emerged on social media and was made famous by New Zealand parliamentarian Chlöe Swarbrick. In Your Dreams is firmly rooted in our era, when young people are taking a stand in response to the ecological emergency or to outdated models of society. In this context, where young people are having their say and staying informed, and in a world where political movements (in Belarus or Hong Kong, for example) are led by young adults, it seems more important than ever to listen to the young teenagers who are the future of our planet.

In your dreams is also open to a dream future, a future that young people envision, whether based in reality or fantasy, individual or collective. Let’s hope it is positive and inspiring, a source of new ways of living together and new perspectives by and for young people. Spurred on by the success of previous years, the La Gacilly Photo Festival and the Morbihan Departmental Council, in partnership with the French Ministry of Education, are inviting local secondary schools to take part in this educational project based on an exploration of photography for the 10th year running. 

350 students from 16 public and private secondary schools from Morbihan have spent time working on an exhibition on the theme „In Your Dreams“ throughout the academic year. The pupils are supported by their teachers and a photographer-mentor as they discover photography: from initiation to artistic reflection, from the photo shoot and editing process to the final printing of their images, this project allows them to explore the many facets of professional photography while expanding their vision and knowledge of this art.The resulting exhibition is an integral part of the festival’s programme and showcases all the work accomplished by the pupils throughout the year. These photographs will be exhibited in Austria in 2022, during the 5th edition of the La Gacilly-Baden Photo Festival.

To showcase the work accomplished, measure the impact it has had on the various participants and share all the work produced as widely as possible, a special publication dedicated to the 10th anniversary of this artistic and cultural educational programme has been realised by the Festival in collaboration with the Departmental Council.
Supported by and in collaboration with the Morbihan Departmental Council.

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