The Footprint

© Collège Jean-Pierre Calloc’h de Locminé

The ecological footprint, that of man on his environment, the footprint of places, or how places shape us, is also the question of identity and relationship to others.

Building on the success of previous editions, the Festival Photo de la Gacilly and the Conseil départemental du Morbihan – in partnership with the French ministry of education – have offered middle schools in Morbihan to participate in this year’s photo festival for schoolchildren.

The exhibition of the pupils‘ productions, integrated into the official programme of the festival, is a wonderful opportunity to highlight the work done by the pupils throughout the year. This project is above all an educational project using photography as an artistic medium.

This year, 16 public and private middle schools in Morbihan were selected to participate in this edition: more than 350 pupils were involved in this project.

At the same time, more than 150 pupils from eight Lower Austrian schools, aged 11 to 14, have concerned themselves with the same task, -developing their own photographic narratives. 

We invite you to discover their productions. Take your time and discover the enthusiasm and originality of their proposals.

The pupils of these 16 public and private schools in Morbihan and the eight Lower Austrian middle schools worked throughout the school year on the design of this exhibition, accompanied by the teachers of their school and their photographer sponsor (in France: Éric Frotier de Bagneux, Yvon Boëlle, Hervé Le Reste, Frédéric Mouraud, Gwenaël Saliou and Cédric Wachthausen / in Austria: Imre Antal, Thomas Blazina, Lois Lammerhuber, Christian Schörg, Leopold Vodicka and Heinz Zwazl). From the discovery of the profession of photographer to the selection of photos, while passing by the essential apprenticeship of reflection and developing an artistic eye, they discovered the multiple facets of photography as a profession.

Supported by Amt der Niederösterreichischen Landesregierung, Abteilung Schulen und Kindergärten; Bildungsdirektion für Niederösterreich; Landesinnung der Berufsfotografen Niederösterreich.

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