In Memoriam Thomas Jorda

Thomas Jorda

Thomas Jorda was our friend – and co-founder of the festival.
Unfortunately he is no longer with us, we miss him very much.

Thomas, the l’uomo universale

Thomas was a baroque man, not an ascetic. His passions were all-embracing. A thirst for knowledge and education, a thirst for action, a desire to learn and to read, and a desire to pass on this comprehensive knowledge. He was enthusiastic about almost everything. Would you like a small selection? Books, pendulum clocks, comics, baroque columns, primeval crabs, cacti, Schubert’s „Die Winterreise“, Wagner’s „Parsifal“, operettas, the German language, limericks, churches and monasteries…

Thomas, the master of language

Thomas was a highly appreciated conversationalist by many, a great solo entertainer and at the same time a patient and emphatic listener. Conversations with him were never boring, but always original, witty and humorous. He had an honest interest in people and everything human. Writing texts, fabulating and formulating came easily to him, his creativity seemed boundless. He remained loyal to the Newspaper NÖN throughout his life. In his acceptance speech on the occasion of being awarded the professional title of „Professor“, he quoted Gustav Mahler: „Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the passing on of fire“. This was undoubtedly a motto of his life: reconciling tradition and modernity, consciously living the tension and transforming it into inspiration.

Thomas, the art lover

Thomas also demonstrated his creativity as a writer and librettist. In addition to numerous books, he wrote an operetta about Paris Hilton, which was performed in Blindenmarkt. Probably most impressive was his libretto for the children’s opera „The Beautiful Vasilissa,“ which became an unforgettable first theater experience for many children. „Let me also play the lion“ was the title of one of his books about the Lower Austrian theater summer – there is no better way to describe Thomas.

Thomas Jorda was born in Vienna on December 6, 1959. Just a few weeks later, he moved with his parents to Baden, a city to which he remained loyal throughout his life.

In 1977 he graduated from the Biondekgasse (humanistic branch). Since 1977 he was a freelancer for the NÖN – the beginning of a lifelong bond with the NÖN family. Unfinished studies of law and Catholic theology.

1984-1986 Short but intensive intermezzo as religion teacher in the BHAK/BHAS Baden 1986 Editor of the NÖN in Baden.

1991 Editor of the NÖN at the NÖ Pressehaus in St. Pölten.

In 1998 he was appointed Chief of Service, in 2005 Deputy Editor-in-Chief. As head of the arts and media department, he became a formative cultural journalist in Lower Austria as well as head of the NÖN Academy. Frequent jury member, sought-after moderator. With particular commitment, he made special products successful and contributed to the further development of the newspaper – live, occasional, NÖN Geschichtsmagazin.

Promoter of female power, strong and loud voice for women. Author of several books and libretti. altar boy, communion minister, funeral director.

2004 Recognition award of the cultural prize of the city of Baden.

2011 Awarded the professional title of professor.

2014 Awarded the Grand Decoration of Honor for services to the province of Lower Austria.

Thomas was married to Beate, they have three children.

On September 28, 2020, Thomas Jorda passed away much too early.

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